UCEC Employee Spotlight: Meet Max Nelson

Max Nelson moved to Denver a few years ago for a change of scenery and a chance to start a new career. He found all that and more at UCEC, where he’s worked as a wireman on the Wiring side of the shop since December 2015.

Max Nelson

Max Nelson

Prior to moving to Denver, Max worked as a direct support professional for the mentally challenged in the “Quad Cities” (the border of Illinois and Iowa). His job entailed taking clients out and about to shops, libraries, restaurants and video game centers.

Max’s older brother worked in the power grid industry and lived in Denver. He discovered through him that UCEC was hiring.

“I came in for the interview and I liked the people. It felt comfortable. It just fit,” Max says.

Max prides himself on being “trainable, so he embraced UCEC’s on-the-job training program. “My first days were pulling a lot of wires, probably a thousand by the end of the day,” Max notes. “After that, I wired PLC cards and then once I got comfortable with those, I started doing little panels.” Max eventually partnered with more experienced team members and worked on large panels under their guidance.

This is the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had. It gives you the opportunity to be as smart as you want to be.
— Max Nelson

Currently, Max is “floating” between projects in the shop, pitching in where needed. He tries to help out however he can. In the future, he would like to develop a deeper understanding of the theory behind PLC units. “I have an intro level of how they work, but I definitely want to have a higher understanding of the panels and how they function,” Max says.

Away from the shop, Max has taken up Jiu Jitsu, which he credits with helping him stop smoking. He’s settled into a comfortable routine he enjoys: getting up early, doing a full day’s work and then taking Jiu Jitsu classes.

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