UCEC Employee Spotlight: Meet Ryan Stephenson

It was good timing for Ryan Stephenson and UCEC when he joined the company in 2014. UCEC had just purchased a Steinhauer MC-80 CNC machine which uses CAD technology to guide intricate panel drilling. Ryan held an Associate’s degree in CAD, so his skills made him a perfect fit to be one of the first Control Panel Craftsmen to receive training on the new machine.  

Ryan Stephenson

Ryan Stephenson

See the MC-80 in action: Video

“I am fairly technically oriented, Ryan says, “So the entire job appeals to me, from the CAD work down to the last terminal block we place on the rail in the enclosure. Making it all come together at the end is sort of nice.”

Prior to UCEC, Ryan worked in construction and at a Denver sushi restaurant. Both positions prepared him for UCEC and gave him experience working with his hands. Through a friend, UCEC employee Morgan Burris, Ryan learned about the opening at UCEC.

Like most new employees in the shop, whether on the fabrication side or wiring side, Ryan found the learning curve to be steep. He was surprised to discover the many industries that use automation. “Each panel is unique, and I like seeing the finished product before it goes to wiring. It’s really satisfying to me.”

Ryan is married to Tabetha and they have three daughters, ages 12, 11 and 5.


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