UCEC Employee Spotlight: Meet Edgar Audelo

Assembler Edgar Audelo discovered UCEC in 2013  when he saw a job listing his an acquaintance posted on social media. Prior to UCEC, Edgar held an eclectic series of jobs including high school wrestling coach and concept car tester.

Edgar loves a good joke (like this office "decoration.")

Edgar loves a good joke (like this office "decoration.")

Even though Edgar has always been a mechanically-minded person with a huge affinity for cars, learning the ropes at UCEC was a new challenge.

“To be honest, it was slightly overwhelming at the beginning,” Edgar says. “But if you have a mind for problem solving, it really works out well on the assembly side of the shop.”

Edgar’s contribution to the assembly team includes planning panel layouts; creating designs for the CAD library; operating the ModCenter 80 CNC machine; and assembling the panels themselves.  

A lot of details are addressed before Edgar begins to build a panel. “We look at the parts that have been ordered and talk to engineers,” he says. “We ask: is the panel user friendly, do they have room for expansion, and finally, is there enough room for our wiring people to get everything in?”

For Edgar, the constant challenges of the job at UCEC make for an enjoyable work day. “We can get brand-new jobs we’ve never had before with different layouts. That’s fun to do,” he notes. “Every job that comes in helps us to improve as a team and make a better product for our customers.”

Edgar points to his team’s cohesiveness as another plus. “I work with really great people and we get along really well. We’ll ask each other for opinions and bounce ideas off of each other,” he says.

Away from the shop, Edgar likes to spend time in the nearby mountains doing outdoorsy activities such as camping, hiking and mountain biking.


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