What a Great 2017! Happy Holidays from UCEC

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from UCEC! As we close out a successful and fulfilling 2017, we wanted to let our employees, customers, partners and vendors know how much we appreciate them. You're the reason we exist! 

In the spirit of the holidays and giving thanks for our many blessings, here are three things we're particularly grateful for at the end of 2017. 

1. Employee Who Are Simply the Best

To the uninitiated, an electrical control panel may look pretty simple. But as we know in this industry, there are panels and then there are the panels UCEC builds. Ours are hand-crafted to exacting standards that consider safety, up-to-date technology and the end user. Every detail is well thought out and our constant communication makes sure we catch errors before they occur.

This level of work takes dedicated craftsmen and women. Without a doubt, we have the best in the industry.  

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2. Partners and Vendors We Can Rely On

When a part is needed yesterday, our partner vendors come through. Whether the part is winged to us on FedEx or driven over to our Arvada, CO shop by a sales rep, our vendors often save the day. These talented and driven people are a backbone of how we get panels out the door and on time to our valued customers. We're thankful for our partners who are masterminds of technology and getting things done. 

3. Customers Who Push Us to Do More and Grow

And speaking of customers, where do we start? Our customers make us better. They push us with challenging projects that explore the latest technology that exists in the panel industry today. When CPI came to us with a plan to use a new "Virtual HMI" widget to replace longtime HMI screens, we jumped at the chance to use this new technology that is a boom for factory staff. Now, technicians can control all of the HMI access points for the factory in one place without having to be tied to the door of a control cabinet.

We enjoy working with our forward-thinking customers and realize that their success is our success. We look forward to working with them next year, and every year. Happy holidays to all!