5 More Questions with Mark Inboden

Editor's Note: Last year, we asked our CEO and President, Mark Inboden, eight questions. We decided to return again with some more questions about UCEC, leadership and the future of panel building. 

1. UCEC is a very forward-thinking company. What's next for panel building?

Mark Inboden

Mark Inboden

Advances in technology will dictate the size and scope of industrial control panels. WIth the “Internet of Things,” more operations will be done remotely, thus more reliance on communication panels such as radio, cell or satellite-based technology.

I think there will definitely be a niche for companies that remember how it was done in the “old days.” There will be many legacy systems out there for a number of years because of the money invested in them and that they work. Companies need to keep up with the new, but remember who brought them to the dance.

2. What are some innovative ways UCEC is helping customers?

Our customers are experts in their field. They are being innovative in the ways they approach their business. Our job is to support them in meeting their project goals in the fastest, most cost-productive way. We continue to invest in hardware and software to help us achieve lower costs and better deliveries. Several new things of late are new scheduling software and new nameplate technology.

3. How do you stay inspired to lead UCEC?

I love when I receive great service and a great product. When I find a company that delivers both, I try to find out as much as I can about it. That’s what inspires me….to deliver that same experience to our customers when they do business with UCEC.  

When I see our employees focusing on the end goals of our customers, everything else we do is easy, because we build the best panels out there. We will never sacrifice quality for price, and companies that believe the same way tend to be our best customers. We have some very talented employees who are just starting to show their best work, and I think they will only get better and more creative in delivering that customer experience.

4. What traits do you see in the UCEC team that tell you the right people are on board?

The “right” people are those who look at anything as an opportunity, and not a problem. Perplexing or unique situations cannot be met with standard or cookie cutter solutions. A "one size fits all” mentality will not meet the future needs of any company.  I love when people ask for a “few minutes” to think about it, rather than a negative, initial reaction.  

5. What work ethic or character trait impresses you the most?

The desire to learn and love of a challenge.  As you know, I love to golf, but I love to practice even more. I know that I can never have the perfect swing, but the challenge of trying to learn more about it, and the constant desire to make it better and better, has me on the practice range for hours. You have to practice to get better results.

The sames goes for business. We do not do everything perfectly at UCEC, but the employees that strive to do their jobs better and better, improve their skills and add to an even better customer experience. We learn from every job and try to make the next one better. The experience we gain results in better panels, deliveries and efficiencies for all.


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