UCEC Employee Spotlight: Meet Justin Kastner

At Justin Kastner’s first job at a company that manufactured packaging machines, he found himself working behind a desk. He quickly realized it wasn’t for him, so he happily moved toward a more “hands-on” position working with machines. Justin decided he enjoyed learning about electrical components and how machines run, and the discovery launched his career.

Justin Kastner

Justin Kastner

Recently promoted to Wiring Lead, Justin came to UCEC by way of a temp employment agency in 2016. But before he landed at UCEC, Justin held several positions in the electrical industry, including integration and field service engineer and electrical design specialist. UCEC came calling, and after an initial run as a temporary employee, Justin was hired on board.

As Wiring Lead, Justin says his job is about facilitating the Wiring team’s efforts and having everything they need to be successful. “I try to recognize people’s strengths and channel that to set them up for success,” Justin notes. “We have everything we need on this team. It’s a great mix of people.”

In his position, Justin tries to recognize issues before they hit the daily schedule. About a week or two before the panel moves from Assembly to Wiring, he’ll examine the print and make sure every part is accounted for. He’ll look at the overall schedule for the project and see if there are any issues.

Looking forward, Justin wants to continue to grow as a leader. He also wants to get to know our customers more and keep an eye on new technology. “I feel like with new technology, there’s always something new to learn,” Justin says.

Away from the shop, Justin and his wife Ellie enjoy their two-year-old daughter Bridget with quick trips to the park across the street and fun tricycle rides.


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