Vendor Spotlight: I-Pro

By Mark Inboden

UCEC has been doing business with I-Pro for more than 25 years. For almost as long, we’ve collaborated with John Quinn, who is one of the three Principals in the company and works in Outside Sales. I am pleased to introduce John and I-Pro to our blog audience.

John Quinn standing next to a Hoffman stainless steel enclosure. 

John Quinn standing next to a Hoffman stainless steel enclosure. 

I-Pro is an independent manufacturer's representative serving the electrical, electronic, utility and data-com markets in the Rocky Mountain region. UCEC primarily deals with I-Pro’s line of Hoffman enclosures.

UCEC frequently relies on John’s technical expertise in designing and ordering enclosures. As we all know, this is an industry where custom design comes with the territory and it’s a space where UCEC excels. John will frequently work on quoting these special projects. He will also work weekends for us; expedite enclosure shipping; and generally do whatever needs to be done.

Our two firms work really well together: John will take questions from Zach Fothergill or Garrod Massey straight to the Hoffman factory. After their technical concerns are sorted out, UCEC will choose our distributor to get the panels shipped to the shop.

We have a good, long-standing relationship with UCEC where everyone is pulling together for a single purpose.
— John Quinn, I-Pro

From time to time, I’ll share more vendor stories in this space. We are proud of the working relationships we have with our vendors and business partners. They each contribute to the success of UCEC.

Mark is President and CEO of UCEC.

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