5 Super Skills Your Panel Shop Needs

Here at UCEC, we can't claim to be super heroes, but we do have "super skills" that we use to create our customers' electrical control panel projects. If you are looking for an electrical control panel shop, make sure to ask potential shops about these must-have skills!

Questions to Ask Your Panel Shop 

1. When can I come to see my panels? 

We have an "open door" policy, which means customers can visit their projects anytime they wish. Our customers can call with questions or concerns, and a real person will answer the phone. Our team members say, "give me a few minutes," instead of automatically turning down a request. 

"We do not do everything perfectly at UCEC, but the employees that strive to do their jobs better and better, improve their skills and add to an even better customer experience," says Mark Inboden, President and CEO of UCEC. "We learn from every job and try to make the next one better. The experience we gain results in better panels, deliveries and efficiencies for all."

2. Do you sacrifice quality for price?

Our quality comes first. We think in the future that shops like ours will continue to have strong customer relationships because of the work we do as well as the consulting value we add to projects before they even begin. Our business model will flourish because we seek to create useful products that help businesses succeed. Cutting corners or trying to achieve the lowest possible price often stands in the way of great work. 

3. Are you locked into one manufacturer?

We are completely parts agnostic. We'll order the parts and components the customer wants, every time. If there is a problem with getting a part on time, we'll let the customer know as soon as we know, and we'll suggest a replacement. Of course, a lot of the time, we act in a consulting capacity and suggest new products or components for the job at hand. 

4. Can you accommodate my schedule? 

It's important to trust the panel shop when it comes to scheduling: will they get it done when they say they will? At UCEC, we have excellent managers with decades of combined experience quoting, scheduling and supervising our quality craftsmanship.

Our team makes sure we have the right parts and the right scheduling to stay on track, on time and on budget. Using our project management software, plenty of in-person meetings and lots of time on the shop floor, we meticulously coordinate all of the little details that make up big projects.

5. How much do you charge for testing?

We don't charge for our meticulous Q&A testing. Our customers are welcome to test their panels onsite for no charge. Some shops add this on as an extra item. We consider testing part of the project and our customers don't pay an extra dime for it.  

Good luck with your next panel project. If we can create a quote for you, let us know!


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