What's It Like to Work There?

Have you ever wondered what happens inside the "nondescript" buildings you pass each day on the way to work, school and errands? 

Last year, our President and CEO Mark Inboden wrote a post that helped answer this question. 

Being in one of those “nondescript” buildings myself, I can tell you: we work!

When I look at these nondescript buildings, I know that there are passionate hard-working owners and employees doing unbelievably interesting jobs. They do not occupy the fancy buildings with the fancy signs, but collectively, they blow the socks off the Fortune 500 companies. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms. Each of the buildings have a story to tell about their particular niche, founders, employees, and the products or services that set them apart.
— Mark Inboden, President and CEO

At UCEC, we work hard. We play hard. 


Our employees tell us that their work colleagues feel like "family" which is the highest compliment they could give! 

It’s like a close family here. It’s small but close, and we get our work done. We all work really well together.
— Denise Nation, Wiring Team Craftswoman

When we hire, we look for three things, according to VP of Business Operations, Evan Coulter: 

1. People who want to do a good job.

Evan: It’s easy to half-heartedly try to do something on the job. A lot of people take this route. You may have worked with people like this. They can’t really be trusted to get the job done. You may have to wait on them. You will probably have to redo their work. There’s room on our team for people who want to excel. They’ll find themselves in good company.

2. People who think through how to do something.

Evan: You know that guy who charges into a project without knowing the boundaries, deadlines or budget? Yeah, we know that guy, too. He might get things done but when a part is backordered or a colleague gets sick, his “plan” falls apart. We like to find people who think about the big picture before moving ahead.

3. People who ask for help.

Evan: Recently, during the interview process, a candidate started on the task we gave him. After some time working through it, he became stumped. Then, he asked for guidance. We really like to see that. It means if you join the UCEC team and you don’t know how to do something, you’ll reach out for help. It’s impossible to know everything. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. We know we can count on you to ask questions about things you don’t know.

While the outside may look a little "vanilla," inside, we're working hard for our valued customers. And we're improving daily while having a good time working together. 


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