Evaluating Technology

By Mark Inboden

On May 11-12, John Beattie and Garrod Massey will be in attendance at this year's Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Expo will have more than 165 suppliers of equipment and tools used in our business. John and Garrod will be on a quest to see what new technologies are being touted in the world of wiring, and how they may impact the Control Automation world of which UCEC is a part. 

Even though a new technology or tool might be of interest to UCEC, we will most likely use three  simple criterion in evaluating a new product:

Does it enhance our work? Does it improve the user experience? Does it improve the employee experience?

After these criteria are met, there is still a business case that needs to be made concerning financials matters such as cost, ROI and investment payback, to name a few. Hopefully, the guys will come back with some ideas that meet all three, and we can show you the next “new thing” at UCEC in the coming months.

Mark is CEO and President of UCEC. 

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