The Best Result: It Starts with You

Editor's Note: As we prepare next year's plans, this post by our CEO and President Mark Inboden  is perfectly timed. Read on to find out how to approach 2018 with more than positive thoughts. 

By Mark Inboden

Ever wonder why some people are always happy? Do you wonder why some athletes always seem to win? As someone who is always looking to improve, I believe that one of the biggest factors is the ability to Think Well.

Mark Inboden

Mark Inboden

Thinking Well is not just being positive, or practicing positive thinking. To me, it is about the entire way you approach any situation. It is the ability to harness your thoughts, experiences, and, yes, stress to focus on a good outcome.

How many people get nervous, or hate speaking in public? This has been rated as the number one fear for people for years. As someone who has done my share of public speaking, I used to get very nervous and fear the worst. I got some coaching from people that had “been there” but learned to think well.  They approached the task at hand with the attitude that “things will go well." They knew their subject inside and out, were well rehearsed and ready to perform. Once I started to approach a speech from this perspective, things went well.

As business people, we need to be thinking well. We need to know that we have (or our Team has) the skills and the experience to tackle any situation put in front of us, and that we will utilize these to perform our best. If we think a situation will have a negative outcome, it often will. We need to practice good self talk, and realize we can positively influence the outcomes we desire. We need to focus on the end result, before we initiate action. Think about a good result before you act...Think Well.

Mark is President and CEO of UCEC. 

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