UCEC Celebrates 60 Years. A letter from our president as we look to the future.

UCEC 60th Anniversary Logo

Our Valued Employees,

In October, UCEC will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

From the beginning, the founder of UCEC, Howard Lacy, felt that he could make a better control panel at a better value than the control panels he was purchasing from others. My father-in-law, Chris Kitsos, took this concept beyond the municipal markets, and provided even better control panels and customer service to the private industry.  It is amazing to think about how far UCEC and industrial control panels have come since 1958. We can all be proud of the role UCEC has played as a leader in our industry.

2018 has me thinking much more about UCEC’s future than its past. I believe industrial panel building will evolve faster in the next five years than it ever has before. We already live in a world where robots are able to interact with us, and each other. IoT, the “Internet of Things”, is unlocking many new applications and changing the space we operate in.

Now, more than ever,UCEC is positioned to incorporate these advances. We have the resources to drive and engage in new technology. We have a focus and commitment to explore our industry. We are committed to seek out the best practices and most advanced technologies on behalf of our customers and industry partners. Whatever anyone challenges us with, we can figure it out.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected best by our employees. We know we have the top employees in the industry and we will continue our commitment to enable them to realize their full potential. Our management team is growing into a force to be reckoned with, averaging 10 plus years in industry experience. The average age of six of the ten members of our leadership team is 32! These managers represent the “thought leaders of tomorrow” and mirror many of our customer’s engineers and technologists ages.

In the coming months, we have the opportunity to be even better than before.  We will launch some new initiatives and innovations. We will provide some educational opportunities that will not only enhance the way you think about work, but the way you approach life. We all get only one shot at this, so let’s make it the best experience possible. I hope you can all think of some ways to make our work better, and your family life better. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and it is imperative to be as strong as we can be.

My goal going forward is this: We don’t want to know that we have built a good company. We want to be remembered for making UCEC a great company. What we do today must have an impact on transforming our industry. Continually making our processes better will yield better and better results. Let’s trust each other to get things done. Let’s all think bigger than that person looking back at us in the mirror.

We have accomplished a lot together during  the last 60 years. What we do from today on is what matters most. I still believe we craft the best control panel money can buy! Thank you for your part in making UCEC an incredible company now and into the future.

Thanks for allowing me to both serve and lead you over the last 15 years. It is an honor that not many people ever receive. I am truly blessed.