3 Ways UCEC Creates the Best Electrical Control Panels

What's the magic behind the shop? We have plenty of ideas...starting with these three, below. 

1. There Is No "I" in Team

"I think what’s unique about UCEC is that there is definitely a democratic approach to every project," Operations Manager for Production John Beattie says. "Teamwork isn’t a buzzword here, it’s real. All ideas are important and considered. It’s very different from other environments I’ve worked in. We involve many people in each aspect of our projects."

2. We Play the Long Game

We are serious about preventing downtime today and in the future.

The root cause of failures are primarily linked to heat exposure and/or moisture. These electronic failures happen when the panel and its components are exposed to elements they were not designed to be in.

"When we build a panel, we want it to be installed and we want it to work for 50 years," says Garrod Massey, Operations Manager for Production. "We are trying to build panels that will stand the test of time."

3. We Are Here to Serve Our Customers (Not Ourselves)

With UCEC, our customers get a dedicated partner and ally. We are not all things to all people. We’re not there to interact with the end customer (unless needed) or take that customer as our own. For some panel shops, the temptation to cut out the engineering firm on the next project is great.

"I have never viewed UCEC as a “one-stop shop," says Mark Inboden, UCEC CEO and President. "Simply put, we build the best control panels, period. We do not get into the design and engineering of panels. We take our customer's designs, and with our panel building experience, we work with them to incorporate our best practices."

Learn more about our solutions for customers in our latest case study. Or contact us and let us know how we can help with your next panel project.