Vendor Spotlight: Meet Technical Marketing Manufacturing, Inc.

By Mark Inboden

When UCEC finds a good vendor, we’re going to stick with them through the years. Technical Marketing Manufacturing, Inc. (TMMI) is one such high-quality vendor. Started in 1977, TMMI is a supplier of electrical control equipment and software to industrial process and manufacturing firms in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Bryan Young, Outside Sales at TMMI, tells us that the organization has 22 employees spread across offices in Denver, Phoenix, Albuquerque and Salt Lake City. They work with manufacturing verticals including packaging, food and beverage, oil and gas, discrete manufacturing and water and wastewater. The company focuses on six major product lines with supporting products offered as well.

“Our culture is very family oriented. It’s a very flat organization where employees have a lot of autonomy to get things done. People stay for decades—there’s very little turnover,” Bryan says.

Bryan Young of TMMI

Bryan Young of TMMI

I asked Bryan what sets TMMI apart and he replied that their “knowledge and ability to represent the products we offer. Our application engineers are capable of answering technical questions and giving the details the customer needs.”

UCEC works with TMMI often, so much so there’s a certain shorthand between the two companies. “A lot of the times, because we’ve been doing business together for so long, it’s as simple as UCEC saying, ‘We need these five parts from TMMI, call them up, get a quote and get the parts in here,’” Bryan notes.

Often, TMMI works in a consultative manner. Customers will come to them and ask about the best parts for a particular job. “I like helping people,” Bryan says. “In a given week, I visit a wide array of customers, from food and beverage plants one day to oil and gas the next.”

We appreciate TMMI visiting our blog and letting us know more about them. Our two companies work together very well, and I wish TMMI all the best success in the coming years.

Mark is President and CEO of UCEC.

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