Vendor Spotlight: Ram Sales Company

By Mark Inboden

At UCEC, we enjoy great relationships with many fine vendors, manufacturers and partners. Each of these organizations and their employees contribute to the success of UCEC.

Today, I wanted to introduce you to Ram Sales Company, a valuable UCEC vendor.

Colorado-based Ram Sales is a process automation marketing and solutions company supporting industrial, OEM and customers with hazardous locations. They represent manufacturers who design and provide products for controls, automation and power quality in the Rocky Mountain region.

Randy Mauro

Randy Mauro

We’ve worked with owner Randy Mauro for years, but in a twist of fate, Randy actually worked with UCEC on his first job straight out of college back in the 1980s. His career later took him to Westinghouse Electric Supply Co. for 20 years in sales, engineering and management in the industrial and OEM markets. With deep relationships in the industry and among electrical manufacturers, Randy launched his manufacturers “rep” firm in 2004. The company represents six manufacturers, (three domestic and three international), all involved in controls, automation and power quality areas.

At Ram Sales Co., Randy taps his extensive experience in the market, drawing on his engineering skills and technical knowledge. The firm’s specialty is enclosures and controls in hazardous locations. Whether pharmaceutical, grain manufacturing, oil and gas or other hazardous locations, Ram Sales represents components and assemblies that protect people and safeguard these sensitive manufacturing plants and operations. As Randy puts it, “My products are part of the solution.”

Ram Sales Co. prides itself and always strives to put their customers’ needs first and provide the best solution to fit the application and safety codes. Our two organizations work really well together. It’s not unusual for a customer who is consulting with Ram Sales to bring UCEC on board to fabricate, assemble and wire the panels.

“The UCEC employees in all departments are true professionals,” Randy says. “Their level of experience with control panels and hazardous areas is very high. They make my job easier.”

Once again, it’s my pleasure to share the story of one of UCEC’s valuable vendors. Occasionally, I’ll post additional vendor success stories in this space. Thank you for visiting the UCEC blog, and if we can help you in any way, please reach out.

Mark is President and CEO of UCEC.

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