Vendor Spotlight: Zarlengo Raub LLP

By Mark Inboden

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Robert Zarlengo CPA/ABV, CVA, CExP of Zarlengo Raub LLP, UCEC’s accounting firm. Zarlengo Raub has been in business almost 60 years, edging ahead of UCEC just a bit (we celebrate 57 years in business in 2015).

Robert Zarlengo

Robert Zarlengo

Bob worked with two of the previous UCEC owners (one of whom was my late father-in-law.) I had a lot of respect for the way that Bob and his firm consulted with the business, so when I stepped in to lead UCEC, I was happy to retain Bob to assist in UCEC’s future financial planning.

As a member of the company’s accounting advisory board, Bob has given us sage business guidance that is more visionary in scope rather than reactionary. He’s unique in that he thinks like a business owner. As he has told me before, “I like to look at where UCEC is going, not where they have been.”

Bob and his firm provide all sorts of services for UCEC including real estate management, strategic planning, tax services, government compliance and financial reporting. The firm has about 15 full-time employees with another 15 or so joining temporarily to work the busy tax season. Bob joined the firm in 1972.

I am genuinely interested in UCEC’s success. I am invested in their future.
— Robert Zarlengo

We’ll feature more trusted vendors in this space from time to time. Many thanks to Bob for his service and dedication to UCEC.


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