Vendor Spotlight: Rexel USA

By Mark Inboden

We value all of our business relationships: customers, employees, vendors, manufacturers and business partners. Each has a unique place in the success of UCEC.

Today, I wanted to introduce you to Rexel USA, a valuable UCEC vendor. Rexel USA is a global leader in the distribution of electrical supplies and services. They have three main end markets: industrial, commercial and residential.

Photo credit: Rexel USA

Photo credit: Rexel USA

UCEC is a part of the industrial division and we work with the nearby Denver Rexel office. Our main contact, Greg Wickman, has had the UCEC account for more than 15 years. He and I meet weekly, sometimes more frequently. More than simply ordering parts and supplies, Rexel also consults with us as we bid and create estimates. Our team can call Greg and ask about everything related to the job at hand: deliveries, parts issues, pricing, quoting and returns. Nothing is too small or too large, from a 42-cent terminal block to a PLC or VFD order that costs in the tens of thousands of dollars.

I think one of the best things about Rexel and UCEC is that we both strive to provide great customer service. So, when we’re missing a part because it’s been delayed, Greg is quick to let us know if we should move on to another supplier so UCEC can get the job done. He’s also the first to jump in and figure out a way for our customers to save money by approaching his manufacturers and requesting (for example) a volume discount or other savings. He’ll track down the parts we need or show us a substitute we can order from Rexel to complete a project.

Rexel employee Kirk Magnuson at UCEC headquarters. 

Rexel employee Kirk Magnuson at UCEC headquarters. 

Probably the best indication of how our two companies share the same customer-first values is the recent addition of a Rexel employee at UCEC headquarters two days per week. Kirk Magnuson has an office and works closely with our team on quoting, orders, deliveries and anything else we have questions about (and there are a lot!).

Another aspect of our working relationship we appreciate is Rexel’s commitment to sharing new products with us from their manufacturers. We like to stay on top of developments in the industry, so Greg and his office help us do that. We have “lunch and learn” events and we’ve sponsored employees together to attend automation conferences.

Our vendors help us succeed each and every day. From time to time, I’ll share additional vendor success stories in this space. Thank you for visiting the UCEC blog, and if we can help you in any way, please reach out.

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