Employee Spotlight: Meet Laura Pinkston

Laura Pinkston

Laura Pinkston

For UCEC Credit Manager Laura Pinkston, financial organization and acumen have been a part of her professional life for nearly 25 years. She’s worked in financial positions including credit investigator, accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing and collections in a variety of settings such as finance companies and medical offices, as well as another control panel manufacturer.

Laura came to UCEC in 2007 as a receptionist. She then worked as the purchasing assistant, doing parts orders. Gradually, she facilitated job ordering as the backup for the purchasing manager. That skill led to more and more responsibility until now, as Credit Manager, Laura manages all of the invoicing for UCEC.

“I handle all the aspects of receivables and payables: money in and out,” Laura said. “This includes keeping track of accounts and problem solving.” When purchases are made (for parts, as one example), a purchase order is generated. When the product is received in the warehouse, it arrives with a packing slip. Then, the parts company sends an invoice for payment. Laura will match up the invoice with the packing slip and send payment to the vendor.

Laura also works with Diane Wolsing who handles payroll; Laura is trained as her backup. Laura also communicates with purchasing a good bit.

Challenges to her job include chasing down errors such as price differences. Also, getting in touch with other accounting departments can be a little tricky. Laura isn’t put off by these challenges, though; she simply keeps after it.

“I think persistence is key in this position,” Laura notes. “I’ve always enjoyed the credit side of things. I’m inclined to solve problems and work with the customers and vendors to find solutions.”

“There’s always something different to do with my job, and I like that,” Laura says. “I also enjoy the management team meetings and being able to offer ideas and suggestions for my department.”

Away from the office, Laura is married with two grown children, a son and a daughter. Her daughter’s two children offer lots of fun. Laura, an Arvada native, is also an avid reader.


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