UCEC Employee Spotlight: Meet John Cepeda

With almost exactly one year at UCEC under his belt, John Cepeda took a few minutes recently to reflect on his position on the Wiring team.

“To be quite honest, starting here a year ago felt like coming home,” John says. “I got here, and the slot was waiting for me. I came in, and within a few hours, I was handed my tools and I had a job to start. I felt like I belonged.”

Fortunately for UCEC, John had extensive work in the electrical and electronics field. In fact, he was working at a local panel shop when he learned his contract was coming to an end. He then recalled a conversation with a friend and former UCEC employee who had told him that “UCEC was always busy with work.”

John’s electrical training took off once he joined the U.S. Navy in the late 1990’s. A high score on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test led him to electronics work in the Navy, as well as course work that led to an A.S. degree in computer science. He plans to finish his Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering soon. He’s held positions at Rockwell Automation and Sparton Manufacturing.

Wiring control panels comes naturally, John notes. “Working with my hands is something I’ve always enjoyed. I liked taking things apart when I was younger: remotes, VCRs, those sort of things.”

As someone who picks up skills easily, John stepped right into creating panels at UCEC after learning the company’s standards. He was recently promoted to one of two lead tech positions. This new opportunity will give him exposure to guiding more junior team members; solving problems; and answering questions. 

“I am a bit of a perfectionist,” John says. “I like to look at something and think, ‘I built this, and it’s the best I can possibly do.’ I take a bit of pride in that. Ironically, once the doors close, no one should have to look in there.”

Away from the shop, John is an avid Netflix watcher and video gamer. He loves classic and current cinema, particularly science fiction and action flicks. He enjoys spending time with his daughter and his grandson, who also live in the Denver area.


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