Taking It to the Next Level

By Mark Inboden

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve moved Paula Zangari into the newly created position of Project Coordinator. This move formalizes the efforts Paula has already been doing in her work with internal and external customers.

UCEC's Executive and Management teams. Paula is third from left. 

UCEC's Executive and Management teams. Paula is third from left. 

Paula is an expert at coordinating project logistics. She makes sure schedules are met, from both a customer standpoint and a production area standpoint. Daily, Paula fields calls and emails from customers and then coordinates with the team in production to make sure deadlines are met. Using our new project management tracking system allows Paula nearly real-time tracking of projects, dates and parts.

Paula’s personal customer service philosophy is simple but powerful. “I try to listen and hear what customers need,” Paula says. “Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make a project successful and a customer satisfied.”

We think our customers will benefit from having Paula as the single point of contact for status updates and other information. Of course, our customers are always welcome to call anyone on the team (or stop by the shop), but Paula will continue to be a valuable resource for the most up-to-date status reports.

Paula has been with UCEC since 2011 and is very strong in all areas of her job. One example of her strength is expediting parts to keep projects on track. She has great relationships with vendors, so when 90 percent of the parts have come in, but that important 10 percent is missing, she knows how to bring them in.

In her time at UCEC, Paula has excelled at managing inventory, purchasing parts, kitting and prepping projects and scheduling deliveries—plus many, many other tasks. Her attention to detail serves our customers well, and I am thrilled to have Paula in this new position.

Mark is President and CEO of UCEC.


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