UCEC Built: It Takes An Entire Team

Editor’s note: Last year, we debuted a series called "UCEC Built" that examined all the aspects of UCEC's craftsmanship. This post was from Garrod Massey, Operations Support Manager. 

When I hear the term “UCEC Built,” I think of the end product (panels) as a collaboration of an entire group of people. To create our handcrafted panels, it takes an entire team. All of us have to be on the ball, doing our jobs, to make a single product.

The phrase “UCEC Built” makes me think of the slogan “Built Ford Tough” because we’re taking a stand in our product. We’re saying we’re proud of our end product and we believe in it. Not many panel shops do that, I think.

“UCEC Built” also means that not only are we building panels, we’re also building relationships and customer experiences. We’re more like a family business in that regard. Everyone encourages everyone else. The team we’ve built is really good. We have a lot of people who enjoy working together and who want to stay here for the long term.

Another part of "UCEC Built" from my perspective is how we build our panels to the proper safety standards, even if the client doesn’t request a specific UL listing. No matter whether we list the panel or not, we still build to the particular UL listing standard. We use our code books every day. We never take safety shortcuts.

UCEC is organized into different teams, and on our teams, we have distinct personalities and ways we work together. But when we bring the entire company together to create a panel, that’s when you really see it: we’re simply UCEC Built.

Garrod is an Operations Support Manager for UCEC.

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