UCEC Built: A New Blog Series [with Video!]

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series about what the phrase “UCEC Built” means to our leadership team. Today’s post is a conversation with VP of Business Operations, Evan Coulter, and John Beattie, Operations Manager for Production.

Q: What does the phrase “UCEC Built” mean to you?

Evan Coulter: It’s a quick tagline that conveys UCEC has the best technology and the best components put together by the best craftsmen.

With UCEC, you are going to see the quality you might not see elsewhere. We’re building custom panels. There are no cheap, online products here.

John Beattie: We simply have the best quality.

I know in my relationships with customers, we hear that our quality is the best and that’s why we’re winning trust and business. Statements like these tell me we’re engaging our customers and we’re giving them the attention they need.

Communication is important. If something slips or we can’t make a deadline for whatever reason, we’re communicating with the customer. I tend to over-communicate. I am in favor of very limited surprises. Our customers have a pretty regular snapshot of what we are doing.

Evan: I enjoy working with younger engineers who maybe don’t have experience working with a panel shop. It’s exciting for them to see their designs come to life. We form a partnership with all of our engineers and partners that allows them to feel comfortable working with us and sharing ideas.

John: That’s where our open-door policy comes into play. Our customers can stop in most any time and just check on their project. We hope they feel comfortable when they leave here.

Evan: Giving shop tours to potential customers is fun. We had a new customer come in the other day that found us on the Internet. They did their homework and came to check us out. They were really impressed with the quality and diversity of what we do. We’re not just tied to one product. They left, confident in what UCEC can do.

John: When I think of “UCEC Built,” one of the things that’s very important to me is our integrity. When we make a commitment, we uphold it and we own it. We mean what we say. It goes back to the old school way of doing business, and that’s still very important to our customers.

Next Tuesday, we'll hear from Paula Zangari and her thoughts on "UCEC Built."