Colorado Industry News: We're Champs

We're incredibly fond of our home state. Its natural beauty is unparalleled. But our educated and talented workforce plus a culture of innovation create a dynamic climate in which to do business. Below are two recent findings that make the Centennial state proud. 

The Place for Innovation

Colorado was named as a 2017 Innovation Champion by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), thanks to our leadership in the tech industry. 

Colorado Innovation Highlights: 

  • Colorado's absence of right-to-work legislation, but a state law protecting against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Legalizing ridesharing services statewide, and enacting positive municipal rules for homesharing
  • Business-friendly tax policies
  • Strong job and small business growth
  • Average Internet speeds greater than 14,000 kbps
  • A 269,000-person technology workforce
  • Over $109 per capita in venture capital investment in 2016, and $899 per capita in R&D investment
  • 25 college degrees granted in STEM subjects for every 1,000 young people
  • A market-based policy for recycling electronics, along with a ban on disposing of them in state landfills
  • No laws restricting consumer usage of self-driving cars or drone technology

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Employer of Choice

In discussing the expected uptick of business in Colorado in the last half of 2017 and 2018, a story on the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance blog evaluated the pros and cons of being a Colorado employer: 

Image courtesy of Brand Colorado

Image courtesy of Brand Colorado

"Some trends that might affect sales within manufacturing are regional. In Colorado, for example, finding and affording skilled labor has become more challenging because the cost of living has risen. On the flip side, buyers that have the capacity to be an “employer of choice” can be assured that — because of the high quality of life offered by a mild climate, thriving cities, and ample recreational opportunities — employees could be attracted from other areas.

Another Colorado-specific manufacturing industry transaction consideration is the type of companies that have sprung up here. Brewing, for example, is well-developed. For buyers looking at purchasing a brewery and a choice between Colorado and another location, Colorado is a good bet because of the vibrancy of the industry. The same is true of biotech, aerospace, outdoor and sporting goods, and technology."

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Want More UCEC in Colorado?

UCEC is a proud Colorado company. You don't have to look far for our roots: from the Brand Colorado image on our website to our our ad on Control Engineering's website earlier this year ("Quality Control Panels Handcrafted in Colorado") to our most recent video, we're obviously thrilled to be in the Centennial State...since 1958!