#tbt Throwback Thursday

You may be familiar with the concept of #tbt, which on social media, is "Throwback Thursday," a time to trot out old photos and take an affectionate look back on personal history. 

We thought we would bring you our very own #tbt from the UCEC shop...but with a more recent twist! We're creating precise handcrafted electrical control panels built right here in Colorado, but we're also having a blast doing it. We're learning every day, and working hard to make amazing experiences for our customers. Enjoy this #tbt to some recent UCEC happenings! 

#tbt: That Time We Went to Mexico

It’s certainly not every day that I travel more than a thousand miles to another country and help wire panels within a brand-new production facility, but I won’t complain. Our longtime customer needed some help and we were more than happy to provide it. Read More

The plant we worked in was under construction, so we ended up maneuvering around the construction teams as they labored. You might walk away for a few minutes and come back to an entirely new piece of equipment being installed on “your” spot! We learned to be nimble and get out of the way. Read More

#tbt That Time We Built a Drift Trike

Not only can our team craft well-made custom electrical control panels by day; they can also create drift trikes by night! Read More

#tbt That Time We Purchased a Steinhauer MC-80

Initially, I thought that I would pick and choose which projects to use on the MC-80. And we did do that in the beginning. Now, every job runs through the machine, unless it’s too large to fit. Even very small jobs, the kind where I initially thought, “Oh, it’s too little to bother with. We’ll just have a guy drill it manually,” goes through the machine. A recent small job took about three minutes to program and five minutes to drill. Meanwhile, my team did other things. Read More

#tbt That Time We Asked Mark Inboden 8 Questions

Working in larger corporations gave me training opportunities that are hard to come by in smaller businesses. There were more people to interact with and learn from. My last job had more than 150 people under my umbrella, and so I was used to running a larger organization. I can unequivocally say I enjoy running a smaller company with less bureaucracy and more speed in satisfying customer requests. Read More

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