Happy Labor Day from UCEC

As the Labor Day holiday approaches, UCEC wishes our customers, employees and vendors a safe and restful holiday weekend. 

If you're camping or traveling, stay safe! If you need "staycation" tips, see below for a list of quick ideas for Labor Day fun. 

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town
Is there a museum, park or entertainment venue you've always wanted to try? Do it this weekend! In Denver, the Denver Art Museum has a free day on Sat., Sept. 3. Or visit a park you've never tried (along with a picnic, of course!). 

Walk or Bike for Leisure
Summer will make its last bow soon (at least here in Colorado), so get outside while you still can. Enjoy the late-summer sun. Bonus points if you explore a new biking or hiking path. In Denver, try cycling part of the South Platte River Trail, which goes from Thornton through Denver and down to Englewood.  

Close the Kitchen
Make one of Labor Day weekend's nights stress-free: order in takeout or pizza. Combine this with a movie from Redbox or Netflix, and you have the recipe for a relaxing night. Bonus points: make some Choco Peanut Butter Cup popcorn using the recipe from Boulder, CO-based Quinn Popcorn. 

Give Your Hobby Some Attention
With work, chores around the house and family members going here and there, a favorite hobby may have been pushed to the side. Use this weekend to reconnect with that dusty guitar or paint palette. Or maybe you have a business idea that you'll explore "some day." Use your 72 hours of holiday weekend to enrich your mind and spirit. 

Happy Labor Day, everyone! 

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