Let Me Check

Photo Credit: Bandon Dunes

By Mark Inboden

I just returned from a golf trip to Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Oregon. This is one of my favorite places on earth to enjoy the game of golf. Not only can you play world-class golf courses, but you are treated to world-class customer service.  

Mark Inboden, Bandon Dunes, 2016

Mark Inboden, Bandon Dunes, 2016

This was my fourth trip to the property, and I really became aware of what makes this place so welcoming….its employees. Every encounter I had was not only good, but genuine and pleasurable. Let me relate one encounter that encapsulates the whole customer service experience.   

We came in for lunch between rounds and happened to be waited on by the same waitress who served us our breakfast. Gerry, one of the members of our group, asked if he could have a smoothie, just like he had at breakfast, even though it was not on the menu. Without missing a beat, the waitress said “Let me check." She came back moments later and said that they could make a smoothie for him. He was delighted, and in fact, two more of our party ordered the same.

Why is this great customer service? First, her initial reaction was not to say “No." She gave herself an out if they couldn’t do it by saying “let me check,” and gave her customer an answer that was more than acceptable. Second, she wanted to be helpful. She went to the kitchen staff, asked for something that was considered an “exception” (not on the menu) and advocated on behalf of her customer. Finally, everyone was happy with the outcome. We not only enjoyed smoothies, but experienced great customer service, and she was rewarded with a more than generous tip!

At UCEC, we also believe our employees are our greatest asset. Each team member excels at being welcoming to our customers. Our goal is to have a “let me check” answer on any customer request, and only say no if it is the last option we have, such as a safety issue. As an aside, we can probably get you a smoothie if you ask!

Mark is President and CEO of UCEC. 


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