Planning for 2017

By Mark Inboden

In early October, we do most of the “mechanical” planning for the upcoming year.  Mechanical planning includes items such as salaries, equipment and health care. As far as having a “crystal ball” and forecasting the future, we have several revenue models, but we don’t spend too much time getting into the weeds on these, as our business is very fluid. Where we spend most of our time planning is focusing on our core values.

Mark Inboden

Mark Inboden

Old Values...New Technology...Skilled Craftsmanship.

A consistent focus on these is really our “grand plan."

Old Values = Giving our customers what they want in the timeframe they need it.

New Technology = Utilizing technology to improve the quality of our product and deliver the product more efficiently, saving us and the customer time and money.

Skilled Craftsmanship = Taking pride in using our hands to craft a quality product.

By concentrating on these, our plans always seem to fall in place. We thank you for your business in 2016, and look forward to partnering with you in 2017.  

P.S. We do have some rather “unique” things planned in 2017...stay tuned to our blog, as they will be coming at you rather quickly right after the New Year!

Mark is President and CEO of UCEC.


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