Happy Father's Day from UCEC

We wish all dads out there a wonderful Father's Day. We hope your day is filled with special memories and good times. 

And may we suggest a little barbecue, perhaps? 

As we all know, barbecue is a big deal for some people, and since it's Dad's day to be King, why not treat him to the best in savory, wood-smoked goodness? 

We learned a few interesting facts about barbecue from (where else?) Texas Monthly magazine. 

The American barbecue tradition is rooted in numerous ancient practices. Caddo Indians had a method for smoking venison, and in the West Indies, natives grilled meats on a frame of green sticks. When European colonists arrived in the New World, no doubt tired of all the salt cod from the long Atlantic passage, they found a local populace given to roasting all manner of game—iguanas, fish, birds, corn, pretty much anything at hand. The Europeans’ contribution to this scenario was to introduce a tasty new animal: the hog...

Barbecue might never have advanced beyond this crude stage but for the fact that another type of animal had come to these shores at the same time as the pig: the cow. Eventually, bovines made their way up through Mexico to the vast grazing lands of Texas, and it didn’t take long for us to figure out what to do with them. We started out by placing the beef directly over the flames but eventually adopted a more elegant approach by which the meat was smoked to tenderness in a chamber with a fire pit at one end and a chimney at the other.
— Texas Monthly

Here are three top barbecue joints that we can't wait to try. Wherever you are, we hope you have a well-loved barbecue place to stop in and kick back for a while. Happy Father's Day!

Superior, CO: Wayne's Smoke Shack

Los Angeles: Bludso's BBQ

Austin, TX: Franklin Barbecue

Do you have a favorite barbecue spot? Tell us in the comments, below!


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