Coat of Paint


By Mark Inboden

I am sure that everyone looks at a house or wall sometimes and thinks, “ A coat of paint will make that look like new." In most cases it does, but for how long? Sometimes the wall or house needs more attention. If the underlying structure has problems (termites, water damage, etc.) no matter how many new coats of paint are applied, the real problem is still there.

Mark Inboden

Mark Inboden

There are times that businesses try to take the easy way out and “apply a coat of paint” to a problem. The best thing we can do as employees and owners is to look at the problem, and see if there is something structurally present that is at the cause. Asking questions about processes, people and traditional ways of doing things may give us the answers we need to fix a structural problem. Applying “paint” just covers up a mess that will be revealed to another customer down the road.

Next time a problem arises, ask yourself if you fixed the problem, or did I just apply another coat of paint?    

Mark is President and CEO of UCEC.

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