Evan’s Corner: When a Fancy Ball Makes You Think about Work

By Evan Coulter

My wife and I attended the 1940’s WWII Era Ball in Boulder last weekend. Alicia and I had a fun time dressing up, dancing and enjoying the special features of the event such as Rick’s Cafe Americain (from “Casablanca”), guest appearances from Bob Hope and Winston Churchill and great big band music.

People went all in for the ball. From costumes to red lipstick to headpieces to authentic military uniforms, the attendees of the ball were dedicated to honoring the WWII era. Later when I was back at work this week, I reflected that work was a bit like a costume ball.

At the ball, different people from vastly different ages and backgrounds all gathered at the Boulder Airport united in one pursuit: to have a great time remembering the 1940’s.

It’s the same at UCEC. We’re all from different places with varied backgrounds and experiences, yet we show up each week to rally around our common vision of serving our customers by building finely-crafted control panels.

We’re all different, but we gather together and unite around a common goal. Sometimes, there’s conflict but we work through it to achieve our goals. And often, it’s pretty fun.

I don’t think we’ll be swing dancing anytime soon on the UCEC shop floor, but I am sure there will be camaraderie and good times in the service of creating a great experience for our clients each and every day.  

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Evan is VP of Operations at UCEC. 

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