Colorful Panels

By Zach Fothergill

If you asked the average person what color industrial control panels are, most people would say “gray.” There’s nothing wrong with gray, of course. It’s uniform, understated and professional.

But if it’s color that you’re craving, UCEC offers a full array of vibrant custom colors for control panels. From intense orange to baby blue to cool green to a host of sensible neutrals, we can add a colorful dimension to your project. Most of our competitors don’t offer paint services, but UCEC is always looking for new ways to give our customers panels that are both well crafted and completely unique.

In the UCEC process, we first drill our holes or create our cutouts in the enclosures. After the panels are painted, we assemble our electronics into them and then send the panels over to the wiring side of the shop.

Another creative area we’re exploring is adding logo wraps to the backs of panels. Standard panels are six feet by six feet. Why not add your logo or a mural to the back of the panel? At UCEC, we’re always pushing the limits of what we can do in our area of panel expertise. We look forward to working on your next project, perhaps with a dash of color!

Zach is Operations Support Manager at UCEC. 

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