Be My Valentine: 4 Tips for Treating Your Colleagues Well Every Day

At this time of the year when talk turns to roses and boxes of chocolate, we thought it would be fun to consider a group of important people who probably don’t get enough appreciation: colleagues everywhere.

Most of us see our co-workers five days per week, which really adds up. But how many times do we stop to appreciate the people who make our success possible? Using Valentine’s Day as a guide, we offer four ways to show your colleagues that you think they’re the best.

1. Send a note of thanks
It takes just a few minutes to offer thanks for a job well done. Email is easiest, but for the most authentic effort, send a note. So few people handwrite cards in this era of texting that a simple note really stands out. Keep a box of cards in your desk drawer for the times you just need to say, “I appreciate you.”

2. Mind your manners
No matter where you rank in an organization, courtesy should be one of the main hallmarks of your personality. Think for a moment about the best people you have ever worked with. What were their character traits? Using this sample list as a guide, strive for your own list of best behaviors. Courtesy is something that is free and you can practice on the very next person you talk with today.

3. Send it special delivery
Do what you say you will. Don’t overpromise and underdeliver. Be a member of the team that everyone can count on. This is a highly-rated skill in the workplace. We all want to get our work done, but one person who is uncommitted or irresponsible can sink an entire team. Be the person who gets it done.

4. Be willing to go the extra mile
Everyone has bad days, and sometimes, you’re the person who can make them better. Rather than be known as a “no” person, be a “let’s figure this out” person. Of course, going that extra mile may come at a cost to you. Your current project may need to be put aside. A meeting may have to be rescheduled. But it’s probable that helping another colleague on occasion will be the right thing to do...and chances are, your help will be appreciated and most likely, reciprocated down the line.

Happy Valentine's Day from UCEC!

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