It’s in the Details: Focus Areas for 2015

Anyone can make a New Year’s resolution. Here at UCEC, we’ve chosen instead focus areas where we plan to make improvements, create efficiencies or strategize a better way to move the business forward.

So, with the glitter of the New Year already receding, it’s back to work and back to business. Here is a roundup of focus areas from some members of our management team.

Laura Pinkston

Laura Pinkston

“In 2015, I want to learn more about the bare bones of our business. I’m interested in learning all there is to know! I’m also focused on paper reduction by increasing our use of electronic invoices and other records.”
Laura Pinkston, Credit Manager


“My focus area will be working on creating a stronger team. I will have my team cross train with each other and hopefully, with the rest of the shop. With some knowledge of each other’s jobs and duties, I believe we can see a larger view of the business. Also, we may have a tip or a more efficient way of doing things. I plan for my team to go from good to great!”
Paula Zangari, Operations Support Manager


My team will be working on improving CAD efficiency by increasing our familiarity with the program.
— Zach Fothergill, Operations Support Manager
         Garrod Massey

         Garrod Massey

"2015 will bring a technological advancement in my department. Paper will be a thing of the past."
Garrod Massey, Operations Support Manager








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