An Interview with John Beattie
Operations Manager for Production

Editor’s Note: John Beattie joined us last summer. We thought it would make a great blog post to check in with him on what it’s like to work at UCEC now that he’s been here more than half a year.

So, you’ve worked at several other panel shops in your career. What differences have you seen between those shops and UCEC?

  John Beattie

John Beattie

I would first say that I’ve been fortunate to work with some really talented people over the years. I’m grateful for every experience I had. Since coming to UCEC, I’ve noticed that this shop forms deep relationships with customers. We have our “open door” policy where our customers know they can show up and check out the progress of their panels. Our vendors have in many cases worked with UCEC for decades.

What are some other differences you’ve noticed?

UCEC has more repeat customers than I’m used to. I think that’s where a lot of the relationship building comes from—our customers trust us and know we’re working hard for their satisfaction. There’s a certain shorthand that happens in our interactions with some customers because they know we know what they want in their panel projects.

What’s taken you by surprise?

It’s definitely a faster pace here at UCEC. Deadlines are tighter and that’s because we have so much visibility to the end user. Instead of working through distributors or contractors, we’re working directly with the end user. At other shops where I’ve worked, if you deal with governments or contractors, you don’t even meet your customers.

Give us an example of what’s new, even to you, a seasoned panel shop pro.

I do see more complex designs than in the past due to dealing with different industries. I did mostly water and wastewater in my previous positions. Now, I’m learning the ropes on food and beverage, industries like that. There are different industrial processes and different expectations, so it’s been a learning curve for me.

What’s a unique aspect of UCEC you’ve noticed?

I think what’s unique about UCEC is that there is definitely a democratic approach to every project. Teamwork isn’t a buzzword here, it’s real. All ideas are important and considered. It’s very different from other environments I’ve worked in. We involve many people in each aspect of our projects.

Anything else you want to tell us?

We’re hiring! We see a lot of work on the horizon, so we’re staffing up now. Come work with us!

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