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We like to keep up with the current industry happenings here at UCEC and pass along news of note. Here are a few stories we're following currently. Enjoy!

Don't Fear the Robots
With robotic automation technology growing, some have concerns about their jobs being replaced. According to ResourceMFG, that's not the case: "Automation can help cut down time and fulfill mundane tasks, which would allow employees to focus their attention on more engaging or important responsibilities. According to the Harvard Business Review, working with adaptive robots allowed human workers to speed up their own efficiency by 6 percent, and reduced general idle time by 3 percent. Basic, menial tasks were completed up to 25 percent faster when a person was aided by an automated robot."

At the end of last year, the UCEC Management team attended the Rockwell Automation Fair where they saw multiple robotic offerings. Read more about their trip here

Women Find Rewarding Careers in Manufacturing
According to Women in Manufacturing (WiM), women should consider manufacturing for a rich career path: 

Manufacturing also offers fantastic opportunities in STEM fields, utilizing robotics and advanced computer technologies to improve safety and efficiency on the work floors. Women who are looking to break into the technical field will find that there are nearly limitless roles in the manufacturing field.

Colorado Women in Manufacturing (WiM)
The Colorado chapter of WiM kicked off last night. We wish them the best. Women in Manufacturing™ is a national association dedicated to supporting, promoting and inspiring women who are pursuing or have chosen a career in the manufacturing industry.

Read more about a few UCEC women in manufacturing: Elizabeth Berger, Paula Zangari and Danielle Delisa, to name a few. 

Low Voltage Control Market Growing
The low voltage market is quite the golden egg, according to Automation.com, joining the growing controls landscape:  "Industrial Controls is considered one of the most vibrant sectors owing to its presence, usage and overlap with many other industry verticals."

January's Ottomation Comic from Automation.com



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