Whatever It Takes: Customer Service at UCEC

We’ve shared on the blog recently about UCEC’s “no bureaucracy” way of doing business. Today, we are focusing on a subject that’s similar but every bit as important: customer service.

An emphasis on good customer service is easy to claim, but we’re an example of a company that actually means it: we exist to serve our customers. Paula Zangari, UCEC’s Operations Support Manager, wears a few different hats at UCEC but they all point straight to our clients.

“Customer service is simply a part of our company,” Paula says. “We are passionate about what we create at UCEC.”  

We're here for you! UCEC's Technical and Operational Support Team.

We're here for you! UCEC's Technical and Operational Support Team.

Paula says going above and beyond for the client is part of a regular work week at UCEC. She remembers the cosmetic change a customer requested at 3 p.m. the day before a custom electrical panel shipped out. The customer wanted the panduit color changed from white to gray. Four employees stepped up and made the change, staying as late as they needed to get the job done. The result? The panel shipped out the next day, on time.

With another project, a deadline change meant the company hired to build the crate for a set of newly created panels wasn’t available. With an end destination of China, there was no time to waste. The UCEC panel shop employees crated the panels themselves and the project shipped out ahead of schedule.

Testing on Saturdays; extra hours for a speedy deadline; special requests made with precious few hours left in the day—Paula has seen it all. She says with UCEC’s focus on craftsmanship, every team member takes their job very seriously. “We always feel responsible for the panels until they are delivered by truck or by ship to their final destination,” Paula notes.

Customer service may be just a catchphrase for some, but at UCEC, it’s important. Each day is another opportunity to serve and another day to make our customers delighted.

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