Welcome UCEC’s New eCAB ModCenter 80 Machine

By Mark Inboden

The puzzle is complete! If you’ve been following our new piece of technology as it makes its way to UCEC, you know that our new machine came from Europe (birthplace: Germany), traveled overland to Antwerp, Belgium and set sail for the United States. Once in America, the new machine traveled once again overland to Arvada, CO.

Our world traveler is a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machine, more specifically, an eCAB ModCenter 80. It’s a wonderful piece of new technology created by Steinhauer Elektromaschinen that will allow our panel shop to complete panel projects quickly and more accurately. The MC80 will shorten the time we lay out and drill holes in the panels. It's the only machine of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region.

The puzzle is complete! 

The puzzle is complete! 

Prior to the MC80’s arrival, it might have taken us 3-4 days to lay out and drill by hand up to 1,000 holes. Our shop experts would examine prints and then sit down to figure out how to space all of the components. Once that was complete, UCEC employees would get out their pens and start marking where holes should be drilled in the panels. It was a tedious, but necessary process.

Now, the MC80 will do the actual drilling. The layout is created through computer software, which will still take time to execute correctly, but not nearly as much time as before. And once the MC80 gets moving, watch out! It can drill one hole every 30 seconds.

After the MC80 is uncrated in the UCEC shop, the Steinhauer Elektromaschinen team will fly out to Colorado to give our shop intense training on every aspect of the new tech. After that, we’ll practice until we’re perfect before we use the machine for our first client project.

Investing in new technology like our brand-new MC80 is one more way UCEC takes pride in our work. We're also delivering on UCEC's brand promise of state-of-the-art, new technology.

Mark is UCEC’s President and CEO.

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