Live Above The “O” Line

As a person who believes in setting goals and working to accomplish them, I often seek out different resources to work through any challenges I encounter on my way to success. This year, I decided to take my golf game to a higher level, and play in some competitive events. In doing so, I found myself playing well, but not scoring well. My physical skills and mechanics were solid, but I was frustrated that my scores were not coming down. I happened upon an article and video in my online GolfDigest magazine, that really resonated. 

In one of his blog posts, Live Above The “O” Line, Jeff Ritter of MTT Performance explained a concept that has practical applications for golf and business. Basically, in every situation you face, you make an observation, and then you interpret what it means. You either look at it “Positively,” and operate “above the observation,” or “Negatively” and operate “below the observation.” As he states, “This lesson isn’t about looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. It’s about removing the glasses all together and seeing things the way they are. Neutral in reality, with the opportunity to be perceived any way you wish.”

Next time you are faced with a business decision, look at the facts, just as facts, and then decide to perceive them from “Above the Line.” Assessing a business challenge as an “opportunity” or a “problem” are two entirely different animals—one way leads to further success, and the other often leads to more stress and not your best work. 

 Even if you do not golf, I encourage you to view this two minute video and read Jeff’s blog:

BTW, my scoring average started to drop once I changed my focus to enjoy the challenges I faced on the course, focused on a “positive” outcome for each shot and, most importantly, enjoy that I was playing golf!


Mark is President and CEO of UCEC. 


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