Why We’ll Hop on a Red-Eye Flight

The call came from our customer, a canning manufacturer, and they were concerned: a large installation of custom panels at their plant across the country was short-staffed. It was crucial that the panels (some of which UCEC crafted) were wired up onsite and on time. The clock was ticking.

At UCEC, we consider our customers to be our partners. This has been one of our successful business strategies for years. We want our partners’ businesses to succeed. If we can assist with that success, we simply ask, “How can we help?” and then we do it.

And that’s what happened with our canning manufacturer customer. Evan Coulter (at that time Operations Manager, now VP of Operations) and Ryan Engledow hopped on a red-eye out of Denver, bound for the Southeast. They arrived and got to work. Evan, who started his career at UCEC in the shop 15 years ago, quickly brushed up on his wiring skills. The two colleagues worked at the plant for four days, helping the customer meet their tight deadline.

“If there’s a problem, we’ll help out,” Evan says, remembering that 2012 trip. “We’ll take care of customers when they really need it.”

As CEO and President Mark Inboden wrote last week, UCEC will work when we need to do to help complete the task. A tight “shut down” window for a customer may mean that we move resources around within the shop and have our team work longer hours or weekends. But we’ll do what it takes to make our customers a roaring success.


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