UCEC Profiled on CompanyWeek

Mark Inboden.  Photo courtesy of CompanyWeek. 

Mark Inboden. Photo courtesy of CompanyWeek. 

UCEC has been featured on CompanyWeek, an online publication dedicated to news about the Rocky Mountain manufacturing economy. CompanyWeek has a unique focus on the "new" manufacturing sector with its progressive emphasis on new tech. This focus aligns well with UCEC's dedication to new technology

Featuring an extensive interview with our CEO and President Mark Inboden, the article touches on UCEC's history and exciting upcoming plans. Learn more about why Mark wants to take UCEC into the future with the industry's first wireless panels.

Photo courtesy of CompanyWeek. 

Photo courtesy of CompanyWeek. 

We need to look towards the future. There are billions of devices that are connected. It’s the same with control panels. Why do you need these big footprints when you have all the computing power you need in your phone?
— Mark Inboden, CEO and President of UCEC

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