5 Things You May Not Know about UCEC's Electrical Control Panels

By Paula Zangari

Paula Zangari

Paula Zangari

Most of us in the panel business are used to being part of an industry that produces products that are used everywhere but largely unknown to the general public. Just like any specialty niche, we have a lot of industry jargon and product terms that we all know but people outside the industry don’t.

So the next time someone gives you that blank stare when you tell them you work in automation or control panel fabrication, just send them a link to this story. I can’t say they’ll thank you, but maybe you’ll spread a little panel love, one blog post at a time.

5 Things You May Not Know about UCEC’s Electrical Control Panels

#1 We’re Good at Reading Between the Lines

We like to do research. During the quoting process, we always look a little deeper when checking out the parts needed for a new job. For instance, if a disconnect is listed, I know that we also have to have a cable, handle, lugs and finger-safe covers. We never want our customers to be surprised when a project begins, so we make sure every part that will be needed is included in our quote. Researching these items isn’t always straightforward or easy. But we go that extra mile every day. It’s what we do!

# 2 Gray Is Not the Only Panel Color in the Rainbow

Most people are familiar with the classic gray panel enclosure (ANSI 61, to be specific). But we also manufacture panels in Vista Green, Safety Green, Safety Orange and Safety Blue. We can paint panels white to deflect heat. Check out this blog post about our colorful panels.

#3 There Are Some Supplies We Always Keep in Stock

The FedEx delivery man knows our address by heart. Parts arrive daily from many vendors for our projects—some specialty and others more commonplace. But there are some supplies we always have on hand and never let run out. These include wires such as 16 and 18 gauge blue as well as cat 6 cables. We don’t run out of standoff (Glastics), which is a small part that isolates din rail and components to “stand off” from the panel’s back pan.

#4 Communication Is Gold in Manufacturing

Even though our team is building things with their hands, their most valuable tool is their ears. That’s because communicating is the foundation of what we do. It starts with the quoting process and continues through parts ordering, assembly, wiring, quality control and shipping. We have to communicate with the correct person, or time is wasted. We hold frequent meetings and use project management software to keep everything on track and in one place.

#5 We Recognize Talent and Are Willing to Train the Right People

Not everyone comes to UCEC with an encyclopedic knowledge of panels. We train the right people with our unique apprentice-style program. We are also seeking employees who are willing to learn and can ask questions. After all, our handcrafted panels are the results of collaborative teamwork. No one is an island here.

Paula is Project Coordinator for UCEC.