[UCEC: Future Ready] Helping Our Customers, Today and Tomorrow


Editor’s Note: Our new series “Future Ready” captures UCEC’s efforts to prepare for the electrical control panel industry of the future. Read the first four entries in the series below this post. 

We all know what good customer service feels like, sounds like and acts like. Good customer service can’t be faked. It’s that great feeling when you walk away from a transaction with a business and think: “That company values me and my business. They took good care of me and helped me with what I needed.”

Customers are at the heart of UCEC. Every decision we make from quote to assembly to wiring and then testing is with our customer in mind. Our quoting team works quickly to get the most exact quote to customers. Our assembly team is trained in using the best new technology. Our wiring team carefully places cables and components where they are most helpful for field techs. Our onsite QA testing team performs rigorous quality control and testing processes geared toward client safety.

As we look to the future of UCEC, customer service will stay a central part of how we do business. That won’t change. But some things will change, we’re sure. Here’s how we’ll bring our stellar customer service along with us, whatever changes come our way.

We’ll keep our commitments

We strive to keep our commitments and promises to our customers. That means we’re careful with budgets, deadlines and concerns because we know that there is a lot riding on the panel project. From start to finish, we’ll pay careful attention to what we’ve promised. We keep our word.

Communication is key

We really try to find out how the customer wants to communicate. Do they prefer email, text or phone? Maybe they want to use social media messaging. In the future, there will be technology that hasn’t been invented yet. You can bet we’ll be there.

In recent years, UCEC has adopted a number of new tech firsts for the shop: cloud-based project management software, cloud-based secure document control and shop-floor tablets.

But we also don’t forget that a simple phone call can do a world of good when trying to communicate.  

Surprises are for birthday parties

No one wants a surprise, especially with valuable electrical control panel projects. Customers know issues happen, of course, but we like to tell them as far ahead as possible. That’s how we do things now, and how we’ll do things in the future.

For instance, let’s say a vendor can’t get a part to us by the time needed. We’ll look for other options but we’ll also let the customer know. We don’t want them to be surprised by any delays.

At the end of the day, the finished panel product is only part of the game plan. Providing good customer service alongside a quality product is a win-win for all parties involved. Every transaction is at its heart a human transaction. We want the buying experience to be great for everyone involved.

In my mind, when I think of customer service in the future, I picture a customer knowing their business is important to UCEC. We thrive when we make our customers feel comfortable, supported and valued.


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