UCEC: Future Ready

By Mark Inboden

Mark Inboden

Mark Inboden

We’re kicking off a new blog series today called “UCEC: Future Ready.” You’ll hear from six of us on the Executive and Management teams about how UCEC is positioned for the years ahead. Of course, no company can predict the future, but we approach future planning very seriously and consider multiple business aspects with careful diligence.

What the Future Looks Like

When I consider the future of UCEC, I first take stock of the new technology already arriving in our shop such as the Internet of Things (IoT). I believe the look of the factory floor will change, too, as factory space becomes more of a premium. Cabinets are going to get smaller.

We’ve all seen this before. Many of us can remember landlines and the cords that kept us tethered to the room we were in. And then mobile phones came along but they were expensive and clunky. Now, 10-year-olds have iPhones in their pockets. You can go into the woods and pull up a map of where you want to hike.

With panels, I believe companies will be considering less parts and pieces. Can one part do the same job as three parts from last year? Can industrial control move to a more central area? It’s just a matter of time before all of this type of tech changes. We’ll be ready when it does.

It’s Never One-Size Fits All

UCEC creates custom panels. That’s not going away, since there will always be a need for smart, carefully crafted panels that are made for unique situations. There’s never going to be “one size fits all” panels.

We work daily with engineering firms that are pushing the boundaries on electrical control. Our expertise allows us to build panels for the future when we can say to a customer, “Sure, you’re in Denver and the panel is in North Dakota, but if a circuit breaker trips, you’re going to find out.” Things can be fixed remotely. We’re a part of that.

Our employees are also not “one size fits all.” They are curious and interested in the panels they build and wire. We hire people who are not only interested in technology, but want to understand how the job they do—quoting, assembly, wiring or quality control—relates to the end product. They know they are building something for a customer that will operate controls, processes and machinery. If our panels help manufacture a drug that cures cancer, our employees take pride in that fact.

Quality Is on the Menu

We want to be known for providing the best quality panels that are out there. We take pride in what we do, and it shows in what we produce. Not only do we want to make people’s deadlines, but we want to provide them with good value. If they build a panel with us, it’s going to work for many years.

You won’t have to purchase a UCEC panel three times. We know there are cheaper panels shops out there because their customers come to us to “start over.” The first panel shop cut corners and didn’t deliver what they promised. So, they come to UCEC and we’re happy to provide them with beautifully-crafted panels that exceed expectations.

We think in the future that shops like ours will continue to have strong customer relationships because of the work we do as well as the consulting value we add to projects before they even begin. Our business model will flourish because we seek to create useful products that help businesses succeed. Cutting corners or trying to achieve the lowest possible price often stands in the way of great work. The future UCEC is right in front of us, and we plan to be here, serving our customers, for a very long time.

Mark is President and CEO of UCEC.

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