The Grateful List

By Paula Zangari

With Halloween behind us and November just beginning, my mind is turning to the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. It’s a season of gratefulness and time spent with loved ones. With this in mind, I decided to jot down five things I am grateful for at work.

Paula Zangari

Paula Zangari

1. Customers
Our customers are the BEST to work with. They are loyal, friendly and always willing to work with us as we build their projects. The relationships we’ve formed with our customers are truly great.

2. My Co-Workers
I could go on and on, but a few names come to mind right away. I’m thankful for Garrod who is always willing to sit down and explain how things work (often with a helpful diagram!) If you need a drawing of a transformer and how the phases work, he’s your go-to guy.

Pat and Kathy are always jumping in and helping get things shipped out on time. They never say “no” and I’m grateful for their help. They learn something new every day and keep up with new technologies and processes we put in place.

Zach keeps me on my toes! And John Beattie is always so helpful and kind. Like I said, I could go on and on….

3. Processes that Help Us Do Our Jobs
Over the past few years, we’ve really improved our technologies and how we all work together. I’m thankful for all of these processes (Traveler, I’m looking at you!) that make us smarter and faster, while still creating well-made panels.

4. Search Engines
Kind of a funny one, but I am grateful for Google! If there is some piece or part we can’t find, we can do an image search and look at part numbers, data or spec sheets. I’m thankful for the information at our fingertips in less than a second.

5. UCEC Vendors
I’m thankful for vendors. They respond quickly to my questions about lead times and pricing. They work with us on returns and shipping. There’s a reason we feature our vendors on our blog. They are top notch.

Making this list has made me feel even more grateful for my position at UCEC. Have a wonderful November and Happy (early) Thanksgiving.

Paula Zangari is an Operations Support Manager at UCEC.

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