Industry News: Oil and Gas Fluctuations Offer Opportunities for Automation

We read the post "Field Automation and Low Oil Prices" on with interest. We proudly support many Oil and Gas projects, and we pay keen attention to the fluctuations in this market as it directly affects our business, too. 

The article is worth a read as it speaks to ways that automation control systems can have a seat at the table for Oil and Gas operators who are striving to optimize resources and increase efficiencies. In today's market, oil and gas companies cannot simply "drill to profitability;" they must consider efficient operations, such as control systems in the field. 

Operational efficiency programs that are second nature for other manufacturing industries - aerospace, automotive, food processing - have lagged behind in our industry. They have not been considered essential by (oil and gas) operators until recently.
— Nagaraj Srinivasan, Vice President, Landmark

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