Employee Spotlight: Meet Cindy Bybee

Purchasing Manager Cindy Bybee keeps the UCEC shop running by ordering all of the parts needed for every custom electrical panel project. “From the largest enclosure to the smallest screw,” Cindy says, “I make sure the parts are here on time, when we need them.”

Purchasing Manager Cindy Bybee

Purchasing Manager Cindy Bybee

Her job is one that requires a certain finesse with vendors, because on any given day, a vital part may fail to arrive at UCEC Headquarters in Arvada, CO. When that happens (usually due to a backorder at the vendor factory or a new part that needs more manufacturing time than expected), Cindy must lean on her well-honed relationships with vendors, figuring out how to expedite the item that’s needed.

“I try hard to have a good rapport with our vendors every time we do business together. And because of that relationship, when UCEC needs a part that’s behind schedule, they are willing to go the extra mile for us,” Cindy notes. 

Attention to detail is a central facet to Cindy’s position. She updates the receivables list each workday, checking packing slips against her Bill of Materials. When something is missing, Cindy gets to work tracking it down. 

With UCEC for a total of 18 years, Cindy says she is dedicated to the company and its continuing success. She can be found at her desk but also in the shop once or twice a day, answering questions from team members or checking to make sure a certain part is indeed in the warehouse. 

Cindy is a mother to two grown daughters. Her oldest daughter lives in Orlando. Her youngest daughter lives in Colorado Springs, and is the mother of four children (with one on the way). Cindy dotes on her grandchildren (two boys, two girls; ages 7 to 1 year). “They bring a smile to my face,” she says. Away from the office, Cindy enjoys singles cruises where she has made lasting friendships. She and her sister also have four longtime best friends with whom she enjoys spending time.