Industry News and Notes: Advanced Manufacturing Hinges on an Educated Workforce

By Evan Coulter

At UCEC, we’re proud to be at the forefront of what some industry watchers and C-level executives are calling a “manufacturing renaissance.” To dovetail into this subject, at the recent Made for Trade tour in Chicago, one hot topic of conversation was creating and finding an educated workforce to excel in advanced manufacturing, according to a blog post on

“Advanced manufacturing” was defined by the Made for Trade attendees as “existing manufacturers who are adopting new processes and technologies.” We took note of this story because at UCEC, we’re always in the process of seeking out new technologies and smarter, more efficient processes.

But these changes come with a much-needed price: an educated and highly-trained workforce. Forty-five percent of Made to Trade audience members selected “an educated workforce” as their most important priority in order to compete in the global marketplace.

Read more on the blog, including a story about how some manufacturers in South Carolina are partnering with a local community college to create a pipeline of educated workers.

Evan Coulter is Vice President of Operations at UCEC.