Bundling with the Best

By Garrod Massey

At UCEC, we strive for expert craftsmanship in every area of our panel projects. One of those areas is bundling. At first, one might think there’s not much to it: grab a bunch of wires, strap them together and call it a day.

But of course, UCEC doesn’t work like that.

It’s not a stretch to say that our bundling is the best. We use a combination of zip ties and “sticky backs” or wire anchors to collect and guide our wires into place. In general, we aren’t hiding wires in ductwork, so our bundling has to be pristine.

Our sticky backs are placed about every three inches, with a zip tie at every one and one-half inches. The resulting effect is clean and professional:

From what I’ve seen when I do field service calls, there isn’t a very high standard when it comes to bundling. At UCEC, we take bundling to a higher, more artistic standard in building our panels. I know if we keep everything straight, and the customer needs to service the panel or add another component, it will be easier for them. It won’t be a rat’s nest of wires.

We also make other bundling choices that enhance the panel project such as running the communication cables and AC cables so that they aren’t close together. We also add spiral wrap to wires to prevent damage if they are going to rub against a doorjam.

In the image below, you’ll see a PLC rack with clean, clear bundling. This type of work is actually the first task a new hire on the wiring side of the shop learns. He or she bundles between 16 and 32 wires, learning craftsmanship as they go. We are teaching them handcraft skills. It’s a good way to see a level of progression.

Garrod Massey is an Operations Support Manager at UCEC.


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