Come In, the Shop Is Open

By Garrod Massey

A Denver engineer recently told us that visiting the UCEC shop was always a pleasure because he was bound to run into engineers from other firms and it was fun to catch up for a few moments.

We like this story because it shows our culture and what we’re trying to do in our Arvada, Colorado panel shop. Our customers are welcome, all of the time.

Here at UCEC, we treat customers like family. We like our customers to feel welcome just as if they are at home. Customers can feel free to walk in anytime they would like to see the progress on their current works, catch up with a friendly chat or go over scheduling needs.

When it comes to testing, in this industry, customers don’t always want to check out their panels prior to shipment. Its probably 50/50. Most of the customers who come to check out panels are really here to avoid having errors occur while the panel is being started up in the field. They would rather catch any assembly, wiring, programming or schematic errors in-house, so we can promptly fix anything that is wrong.

An engineer may introduce (simulated) problems into the panel to see if their programs work. It’s actually quite fun to watch them work their magic. The 50 percent who do not do testing prior to shipment are comfortable that we will deliver a rock solid product.

We’re not standing on ceremony around here. If you want to visit your panel, ask questions or make suggestions, you are very welcome here. It’s just the UCEC way.

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Garrod Massey is an Operations Support Manager at UCEC.

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