Steinhauer MC-80: Precision and Efficiency through Automation

Automation, efficiency and resource optimization are top priorities for our panel shop, which is why we knew we had to find a solution for the traditional time consuming and labor-intensive process of panel assembly. UCEC’s Steinhauer MC80 machine has changed the game in control panel assembly. Layout, drilling, and custom holes cut with jigsaws, pneumatic punches, and plasma cutters were time consuming, and the risk of mistakes was high with the old way of doing things. Even with projects that had multiple panels that were identical, the amount of time spent going through this process was the same.

The Steinhauer machine allows us to do all of the drawings/cad layouts ahead of time, and have them ready to go when the parts arrive. The same CAD set up can be used on identical panels, saving our assembly team time and labor that can be spent making our panels better, more efficient, and higher quality for our customers. If UCEC makes 5 control panels that are identical in layout, the Steinhauer machine allows us to be 74% more efficient. If we make 50 identical Control Panels, we can be 84% more efficient. This also allows for higher levels of specialization in our team.


In addition to the time savings of not doing these layouts and cuts by hand, this also allows us to reduce the lead times that we would face having an enclosure manufacturer make these custom modifications. Custom enclosures can run anywhere from 4-10 weeks to customize and ship to us, after approval, drawings have to be sent to the factory for the modifications to be completed, the ability to make these modifications in house also allows us to deliver the product to our customers much sooner. Fees to modify an enclosure can be exorbitant, add in the cost to expedite this process with manufacturers and it can get costly. This is a service UCEC is happy to provide to our partners as well, the fee charged for this service is minimal, and UCEC can have these done in a much more reasonable time frame. Making partnerships between our partners and UCEC much more valuable to both parties by simply offering another option. Panel building is a highly specialized field, so it is important to diversify as much as possible, offering additional value wherever possible.

If you type Steinhauer MC80 into Google, the first 50 pictures that come up are of the UCEC shop. This is no accident, we are excited for our customers to see just how much more we can accomplish and provide. UCEC has been using the Steinhauer machine for over three years, and have continued to improve on the process, and find more capabilities to improve our panels. The most time consuming and labor intensive part of using our CNC machine, is maneuvering the larger panels into place. Speed makes business more efficient, and the cost savings of minimizing a labor intensive process is huge. Additionally, the increased accuracy of cutouts and holes, insures that components fit perfectly, and the cabinet seals up well, and maintains a much higher integrity.

Technology is constantly evolving, and UCEC is dedicated to evolve with it, improving our processes and providing the highest quality control panels to our customers. Nonetheless, the value of added technology is still unmatched by the skilled, and talented craftsmen who’s dedication and precision makes automation an art form.

Kathleen BurkhardtComment